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ITUA 2002


News and Announcements, March 15, 2002


Dear ITUA participants,

Time is rushing very fast and in a few weeks ITUA 2002 will be kicking and running. There are a few things that I would like you to know about before you come to Thailand to join the conference.


The program is almost complete. Please be patient while Larry and I prepare it. Those who register will get a book of abstracts which contain the program and everything. RECENT INFORMATION: THE CONFERENCE PROGRAM CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE!!



Registration fees can be paid on site. If you have been accepted to the conference and would like to come, we would appreciate it very much if you could at least tell us that you will really come. This way we can predict the number of potential participants.



The venue of the conference is the Boromratchakumari Building (BRK), Faculty of Arts. Yes the name is VERY long; this is typical in Thai. The building is a tall, white one which you cannot miss if you can get to the central campus of Chula. It is adjacent to the traditional Thai style buildings which look like temples. And its gleaming whiteness radiates in the sun. Please refer to the campus map on the conference website. Plenary sessions will take place at Room 503, which is an auditorium style room. The room has a fixed LCD projector and all sorts of audiovisual equipment. The room is on the 5th floor of BRK. Parallel sessions take place at 503, 504 and 601. Tea/coffee breaks and lunches and the dinner reception on Thursday all take place at the terrace on the 7th floor. This is an open air area allowing you a breathtaking view of Bangkok and the famous Royal Bangkok Sport Club horse racing track, one of the few green areas in the city.



We are working very hard to get LCD projectors in every room. We will be able to tell you exactly soon, but Each room already has an overhead projector and a whiteboard and markers. There are also slide projectors, VCRs and TVs and of course microphones.

If you would like to distribute hand outs or full papers, please do so. It's a very good idea of have copies of your papers or handouts before hand to avoid the hassles at the photocopy shop when your session is about to start. Please bring around 50 such copies with you. Otherwise there is a photocopy shop at the first floor of BRK.



April is the hot season in Thailand. I mean 'hot'. Temperatures hover around 34 degrees C in the afternoon. But this does not sound so bad as it seems because there are breezes and the rooms are air-conditioned. If you walk to the venue, do so before 8:30 and the weather will be very pleasant. Morning temperatures are around 28 to 30. You can also avoid being late to the sessions.



Please be casual. You will find Thai professors wearing suits and ties, with women professors wearing beautiful dresses. It's fine to do that, but it is actually not necessary. You can also wear your national dresses. I myself may have to wear suit and tie for the opening ceremony, but then it will be just a shirt (and trousers of course).



If you need help with accommodation, please let us know.



We will have Halal food. If you have any specific food preferences please let us know so that we can prepare beforehand.


This is all for now. We are looking forward to an exciting conference!


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