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2202235  Reading and Analysis for the Study of English Literature


Puckpan Tipayamontri

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Office Hours: M 1–3 and by appointment

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Section 3

BRK 309

M 11–12, Th 8–10


Tentative Schedule (Section 3)

Week 1

Oct. 25

No class

Oct. 28


Week 2

Nov. 1




Week 3

Nov. 8


Nov. 11


Week 4

Nov. 15


  • J. M. Coetzee, Waiting for the Barbarians (1980) pp. 40–61 (end of Chapter 2; study guide)

    • J. M. Coetzee, "Into the Dark Chamber: The Writer and the South African State" (1986)

Nov. 18


Week 5

Nov. 22




Week 6

Nov. 29


Reading Response #1 due (Examine "vision" in a passage that you have chosen in conjunction with the barbarian-Magistrate torture scene that we discussed in class [pp. 112–18]. Notice words used that have to do with sight, looking, seeing, eyes, the gaze, and, by extension, sleeping and waking up. What does one see? What is one allowed to see? What does one allow oneself to see? Is there any change or development of sight between the scene you have chosen and the one we read together?)

Dec. 2


Week 7

Dec. 6

< p:colorscheme colors=#FFFFFF,#000000,#808080,#000000,#00CC99,#3333CC,#CCCCFF,#B2B2B2 />No Class (Father's Day Observed)

Dec. 9


Week 8

Dec. 13


Dec. 16


Reading Response #2 due (Respond to one of the study questions for the novel and play, or develop your own topic about any of the works on the syllabus)

Week 9

Dec. 20

No Class (midterm Week: December 20–24, 2009)


I will be available in our usual classroom, however, if anyone wants to come by with questions or to talk about the reading.


No Class (midterm Week: December 20–24, 2009)


Midterm (8–10 a.m. in class) There are two parts: 1) an essay-type question on Nadine Gordimer's short story "The Bridegroom" (at the BRK Co-op Photocopy Center), and 2) four essay-type questions from which you will choose two. Each topic asks you to write about two works. You may not discuss the same work twice. Both Waiting for the Barbarians and Ruined are required texts for this part. As always, it is helpful to take a few minutes to plot an outline before writing your essays. Formulate an thesis that shows you have read the works closely and can engage critically with the question. For each prompt, you do not need to answer every single question in the cluster. The sub-questions are there to help you think about the topic. Cite specific acts, scenes, or words in support of your argument. Give your essay a title if you like. 

Week 10

Dec. 27


Dec. 30


Week 11

Jan. 3

No class (New Year's Day observed)

Jan. 6


Week 12

Jan. 10

No class (Intervarsity Games: January 10–23, 2010)

Jan. 13

No class (Intervarsity Games: January 10–23, 2010)

Week 13

Jan. 17

No class (Intervarsity Games: January 10–23, 2010)


No class (Intervarsity Games: January 10–23, 2010)

Week 14

Jan. 24


Reading Response #3 due



Week 15

Jan. 31


Final paper topic critique; peer critique writing workshop

Feb. 3


  • Jennifer Vanderbes, Strangers at the Feast (2010) pp. 70–109 (study guide)

Week 16

Feb. 7


  • Jennifer Vanderbes, Strangers at the Feast (2010) pp. 110–81 (study guide)

    • Colgate University Writer's Conference: Craft Talk: Jennifer Vanderbes (2009; video clip, 45:57 min.)

Feb. 10


  • Jennifer Vanderbes, Strangers at the Feast (2010) pp. 182–223 (study guide)

Reading Response #4 due

Week 17

Feb. 14


  • Jennifer Vanderbes, Strangers at the Feast (2010) pp. 224–96 (study guide)

Feb. 17


  • Jennifer Vanderbes, Strangers at the Feast (2010) pp. 297–end (study guide)

Week 18

Feb. 21


  • If you are planning to use PowerPoint, make sure it is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 version. Also embed or include files of any nonstandard fonts that are in your presentation.

  • Let me know of any other audiovisual needs by 4 p.m. Friday, February 18, 2011.

  • 5-minute individual presentation (15 minutes per panel) followed by

  • 10-minute question and answer session

  • Tentative Schedule

    Monday, February 21, 2010

1. Tainted Lives

11:00–11:25 a.m.

Presiding: Suthinee Thaeppunkulngam


1.  "Intrusion and Unexpected Consequences in Strangers at the Feast," Suttinee Tuntisangaroon

2.  "The Magistrate and Problems of Cleansing," Wannaporn Samutassadong

3.  "Character Classification in 'Good Country People,'" Ployjai Pintobtang

Respondent 1:  Suriyaporn Eamvijit

Respondent 2:  Phennapa Sompansatid

Respondent 3:  Kanokkarn Tangmeelap


2. Ironic Roles

11:30–11:55 a.m.

Presiding: Kochawan Chayawan


1.  "The Role of Education in Strangers at the Feast and 'Good Country People,'" Pakakul Srikacha

2.  "Nadi, the Woman Who Wants to Be Called Mama," Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth

3.  "Seriously Comic: The Abstract in David Ives's The Philadelphia," Panithi Lertdumrikarn

Respondent 1:  Saranya Siripanyakun

Respondent 2:  Anya Soontorngopan

Respondent 3:  Yanisa Chanchai

Feb. 24

Forum and Theme Potluck

Theme breakfast hosted by 2202235 section 3. Currently on the menu: spaghetti pork sauce, apple pie, milk, orange juice, cookies.


3. The Trouble with Normal

8:00–8:25 a.m.

PresidingSaranya Siripanyakun


1.  "To Normalize Is to Marginalize in Molly Sweeney," Kanokkarn Tangmeelap

2.  "Dehumanization of the Empire in Waiting for the Barbarians," Yanisa Chanchai

3.  "The Impact of Walker's Narrative in 'Everyday Use,'" Suthinee Thaeppunkulngam

Respondent 1Thananya Gludpare

Respondent 2:  Pakakul Srikacha

Respondent 3:  Ployjai Pintobtang


4. Freedom Is a Many-Colored Thing

8:30–8:55 a.m.

PresidingYanisa Chanchai


1.  "Freedom and Limitation in Molly Sweeney and 'Me Talk Pretty One Day,'" Marisa Tangsatjanuraks

2.  "Assumptions Partially Leads to Blindness," Anya Soontorngopan

3.  "The Long and Black, and Winding Road," Kochawan Chayawan

Respondent 1Wannaporn Samutassadong

Respondent 2: Suttinee Tantisangaroon

Respondent 3Suthinee Thaeppunkulngam


5. Loss

9:00–9:25 a.m.

PresidingAnya Soontorngopan


1.  "The 'Emasculation' of Gavin," Phennapa Sompansatid

2.  "The Olsons: The Strangers to Denise," Thananya Gludpare

3.  "The Fall of the American Dream in Strangers at the Feast," Suriyaporn Eamvijit

4.  "The Art of Losing (At Least for Bishop) Is Impossible to Master," Saranya Siripanyakun

Respondent 1Panithi Lertdumrikarn

Respondent 2Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth

Respondent 3Marisa Tangsatjanuraks

Respondent 4: Kochawan Chayawan


Final paper due

Week 19

Mar.  3

Final Exam (13:00–16:00 p.m.; BRK 303, 304) Dictionaries (electronic or paper) are not allowed in the exam room.



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