Intro Poetry group 2 celebrates Halloween!

Halloween By Nawaporn Pungvongsanurak 4940105822

Among those blacks and oranges,
I dress myself in white.
I can feel the softiness
of the thing that wraps me tight.
Imagine the fear in those eyes,
thrillingness is what I get.
Wetting all over with blood,
am I ready yet?
Suddenly, an horrible voice
is crying out across the room.
With frightful face of my mom, she shouts,
"Did you use all tissue papers in housewhole?"


Here, it comes again, trick or treat.
Let's the kids enjoy their sweets.
Haha. Me, the ghost will take all the joys away.
That's because I'm a wicked ghost of tooth decay.

In Halloween night,
A good occasion for me,
My ghost is screaming inside,
Set it free.
When it is released floating around,
Leave it out!
Chase the darkness.
Light the candle brightly.

Nawaporn Mak

Halloween Party

I am looking for my friend.

To the left,
chattering, drinking, worewolves and vampires are.
scary, spooky, surprising of me.

To the right,
'May the force be with you' cried young Jedi.
Generous, gay, gracefully of me.

Finally, I found my friend.
One normal man without a mask.

The Joy of Life

Baskets in hands
Multi-color dressed
Kids skipped along the road
Door opened
With joyful threat
Yet grown-ups frowned
Exchanging glances
Smile on faces
Kids skipped along the road


A Poem for Halloween 

An October night
glitters with lantern lights
with little children’s plays,
in this night,
when no devil stays. 
A darkest night,
When people used to shiver with fright.
Now little children play,
in this night
of a Halloween day. 

Phantida Sakulratanacharoen



Red bloodstained lips
Black suede boots
Party at cemetery tonight

Little light showed the witch the way
Someone still there, some people left
They all dressed in black and red

Wandering through the graveyard
People were there, yet she felt apart
They all gone. And now she's the last

Silence lies still
Same for people
Whom she knows none

Casper Party "Night in the Dark"

Not a scarely night you think
Not the darkness you see
Not the fear you feel
And what should it be?

Casper party is full of light,
Pumpkins' candles bright in the dark

Brings surprise when comes the bark
Saying "Let's come and join my night"

The party without threat,
but with funny trick
And illuminated ghosts' treat
...the rememberable party you wouldn't forget.

Halloween changes night.

When light turns to darkness.
Night is reminded.
Halloween becomes happiness.
Night's real meaning is faded.

Night is scary.
Night is grief.
It becomes a party.

It becomes belief.

How does it change?
People have never seen.
Why does it change?
Oh, beacause of halloween!

Pleowadee Satrulee

Nutcha Panichawong

Titled : "I was tricked, but where's my treat?"

Oh! my dear, this is Halloween night.
The dark starless twilight, I'm standing.
Even the blue moon shines no light.
There are only illusion of the deads, which are dancing.
With pumpkin heads, scary smiles are declared.
My blood is freezing up to hair.

Do you hear voice of monsters' harmony?
Do you see bat-shapec flags twisting?
Red blood and black darkness are interwinding.
Curtain of grief leads my feeling so gloomy.

Oh! my love, this is once more Halloween night.
The sun is no more bright, I'm blinding.
Just a word after your lips tight.
There are many memories of the past, which are draining.
When we are aparted, your sweet smile are fading white.
My mind is turning to ice.

Do you remember love song of ours, honey?
Is it no more butterflies' flights around two of us?
Red kiss and black hairs are eventually erased to dust.
Certain of pain makes my soul almost deadly.

How many days and nights are consumed?
I can't end this infinite loops of Halloween.
How much love and care you want from me?
I will give you all but backs and makes me free.
Come back to stand by my sides.

I love you so, my sunlight.

HALLOWEEP by Naruporn Wuttijariyakul

Kids out the door, all dressed up
Getting ready for tasty candies
"Trick or treat", they say out loud
Tons of them sweets are waiting.

Looking over to great granny's cemetery
Alone, lonesome, lonely and cold
Great gran forgets the taste of chocolate
Her tiny lil things forget the face of her.

Masks of feather sparkle in the light
For just one night,
No one wants to know
No one wants to know who's behind the disguise

The sweet slumber of autumn winds
Blades of grass cutting through my skin
A touch of crimson, a taste of night
Dreams of darkness, never to set eyes on again

They can't see through this hazed facade
Can't see my watering eyes..
Can~Rt hear my cries
When they see blood on my wrist,
They just assume otherwise

Mirrors, illusions, limited vision
The comfort of inexistence etched into my tears
Burnt out on chasing obscurity
Please be the angel that takes me from here

And when tomorrow comes
They can't see me anymore, they can't touch me anymore
The sun will rise... and I will die
A secret unspoken, until this night comes by...

No one wants to know


Phavit Theerapong

Bats flying high
Over the starless night
The full moon shines
Little wicked witch with black cat besides

Broomsticks and candlelight
Gets ready for the mission of the night
In Cauldron, the bubbles popping
Preparing love potion number nine

She sets along the crowded road
Came across the ugly toad
There she comes at the lighted house
Knock, knock for candies on this Halloween night.

The smell of Mama's roasted pumpkin
Wakes me up early in the morning.
Start the day with Yoga
on Mama's pumpkin-coloured mat.

See little flame through the horror mouth of clay pumpkin
Heating up the pumpkin oil.
Inhales, exhales.
Calm me down pumpkin smell.

Oh! Breakfast, roasted pumpkin.
With bright soul, enjoy eating
Yummy, yummy
How wonderful start the day with pumpkin!


Halloween party

   Dress as a ghost and walk around the pantry,
   we are ecstatic to be a part of Halloween party. 
Meet a Christian friend who dresses beautifully,
we have been asked
“What is Halloween?” 
No need to know coz’ we are not in Christian community.
No need to ask coz’ we don’t know Halloween story. 
We don’t really know,
but why are we in Halloween party? 


Oh! It’s Halloween night 

In the dark and gloomy night
Silvering moon is no longer bright
There is no sign for twilight
Also no sign for life 
In an ancient cemetery
Spirits dress in fancy
All in black and white
Oh! It’s Halloween night 
Some sit on graves and laugh
Sharing each other stories
Some missing lives they used to have
Then fall deep in memory 
Then someone starts celebrating
Asking for more drink
Drink then dance
Dance then drink
A creepy pumpkin seem to give him a wink
Cheers to the Halloween night 
So close for the sunrise
All get up right
Go back to where they from
Six feet under is where they belong 
Oh! Here comes the end of Halloween night
The sun starts to bright
Here comes to twilight
And the sign of being alive 

Patcharanan Khomson


The moonlight shining in the sky
Children wearing costume in many styles
They playing trick or treat with smile
The masks wearing to hide
Their emotions inside

In ordinary colorful day
Some smile with gay
They say What a beautiful day

Without any mask
No playing trick or treat
But deep down inside
It fools til thee die
pochamarn klaisuban



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