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“Paul's Case”



Willa Cather

(December 7, 1873 – April 24, 1947)


This short story by Willa Cather was first published in McClure's Magazine in 1905.


192  Soldier's Chorus from "Faust": Hear a clip at SOLDIERS CHORUS, FROM GOUNOD´S "FAUST" [5:59 min.]


194  John Calvin

Calvinism: Strict theological doctrine of the French Protestant church reformer John Calvin (1509–1564) and the basis of Puritan society. Calvin held that all humans were born sinful and only God's grace (not the church) could save a person from hell. (Glossary)


194  "Feed my lambs": See different translated versions and commentary at John 21:15.


196   a sowing of wild oats

wild oat (Merriam-Webster)

1: any of several Old World wild grasses (genus Avena) ; especially : a Eurasian annual weed (A. fatua) common in meadows and pastures

2 plural: offenses and indiscretions ascribed to youthful exuberance—usually used in the phrase sow one's wild oats


197  the overture from "Martha": Martha is an opera by Friedrich von Flotow (music) and Wilhelm Friedrich (libretto).  See synopsis of the four acts at FLOTOW: Martha. Listen to a clip of the overture [0:57 min., first part of overture; see longer clip of overture here (3:33 min.)] 


197  "Rigoletto": An opera by Verdi.


201  "Blue Danube": Listen to The Blue Danube Waltz [10:33 min.]

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November 6, 2008

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