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T. F. Powys, "Lie Thee Down, Oddity"




Sample Student Reading Responses to T. F. Powys's "Lie Thee Down, Oddity"




Review Sheet


Mr. Cronch

George Bullman

Jane Cronch - Mr. Cronch's wife

Robert - Mr. Bullman's under-gardener

Mrs. Tibby

John Tibby

police officer



Green Gate House









Study Guide for T. F. Powys's "Lie Thee Down, Oddity"

Other topics that you can think about:

Oddity: How is Oddity personified in the story?  What rules does Oddity obey and what not?  When does Oddity become aggressive and when is he dormant?

The Wind: Follow the image of the wind throughout the story.  What does it do?  When does it appear?  How is it described at different points?  What sense can you make of the role of the wind in "Lie Thee Down, Oddity"?


Key Terms to Date





point of view



conflict, internal conflict, external conflict, clash of actions, clash of ideas, clash of desires, clash of wills








artistic unity

time sequence



rising action










direct presentation of character

indirect presentation of character

show v. tell

consistency in character behavior


plausibility of character

flat character

round character

static character

developing character



Primary Works

1923  Black Bryony
1923  The Left Leg
1924  Mark Only
1924  Mr Tasker's Gods
1926  Innocent Birds
1927  Mr Weston's Good Wine

1929  Fables (collection of short stories)
1931  Unclay 


T. F. Powys's Other Writings

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Powys, Theodore Francis. “A Stubborn Tree.”  The New Coterie 2. Spring 1926. pp. 57-62. (First published as a limited edition in January 1926 by E. Archer, the publisher of The New Coterie.)

Powys, Theodore Francis. “Feed My Swine.”  The New Coterie 3. Summer 1926. pp. 69-77. (First published as a limited edition in May 1926 by E. Archer, the publisher of The New Coterie, and was later included in The white paternoster, 1930.)

Powys, Theodore Francis. “The Bride.”  The New Coterie 4. Autumn 1926. pp. 79-82. (The frontispiece is a portrait of T.F.Powys by William Roberts.)

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Powys, Theodore Francis. “Another Godiva.”  Argosy 5.1.  February, 1944. pp. 25-29.


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