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2202242  Introduction to the Study of English Poetry


Puckpan Tipayamontri

Office: BRK 1106.1

Office Hours: M 13, W 34 or by appointment

Phone: 0 2218 4703


Group 3

BRK 314

T 122, Th 1112


Tentative Schedule (Group 3)

Week 1

Jun. 5



Discussion: What do you think of Bernstein's views of poetry compared to Barr's?

Jun. 7

Unit 1 Poetic Qualities


Discussion: what poetry is, poetic qualities, reasons for reading poetry, the art of reading


Handout: Defining Poetry and "This Is Just to Say" Study Questions (Word file)

Week 2

Jun. 12

Unit 1  Poetic Qualities

Unit 2  Making Sense of Poems


Discussion: how close-reading opens up William's "This Is Just to Say"; making inferences; exploring points of view

Jun. 14

Unit 3  


Discussion: words and feeling: tone, denotation, connotation

  • Tone (discussion of tone in poetry, definition excerpts of textbooks)

  • Tone (explanation of tone with examples from Many Worlds of Poetry)

Student-Led Discussion 1: 

Student-Led Discussion 2: 

Student-Led Discussion 3: Jirawut (poem discussion)

Week 3

Jun. 19

Unit 3  


Discussion: words and meaning: denotation, connotation

Student-Led Discussion 4: Aphaporn (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 5: Esther (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 6:

Jun. 21

Unit 3  


Discussion: words and the senses: imagery

Student-Led Discussion 7: Seubsakoon (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 8: Japanese minors: haiku, Spanish minors: Lorca's "Caracola"
Student-Led Discussion 9: Suluck (poem discussion)

Week 4

Jun. 26

Unit 4  Figures of Speech


  • Langston Hughes, "Dream Deferred"

  • May Swenson, "Question"

    • May Swenson (very brief bio, selected bibliography, links to poems)

    • May Swenson (brief bio, several previously unpublished poems)

  • Countee Cullen, "For My Grandmother"

Discussion: words and associations: simile, metaphor

Student-Led Discussion 10: 
Student-Led Discussion 11: Sirikul (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 12:

Jun. 28

Unit 4


Discussion: making things human: personification, apostrophe

Student-Led Discussion 13: Amarat (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 14: Sommanutsa (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 15: Esther (poem discussion)


Assignment 1 given

Handout: Practice Questions on Charles Causley's "Convoy" (Word file)

Week 5

Jul. 3

Unit 4


Discussion: overstatement, understatement

Assignment 1 due beginning of class

Jul. 5

Unit 4


Discussion: intertextuality: allusion

Student-Led Discussion 16: Sommanutsa (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 17: Narasak (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 18: Aunchidtha (poem discussion)

Week 6

Jul. 10

Unit 4


Discussion: metonymy, synecdoche


Assignment 2 given (Word file)

Jul. 12

No Class (Graduation Ceremony)

Week 7

Jul. 17

Unit 4


Discussion: symbol, allegory

Student-Led Discussion 19: Suluck (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 20: Suwida (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 21: Narasak (poem discussion)


Some remarks on Assignment 1 on Pastan's "Ethics"


Assignment 2 due beginning of class

Jul. 19

Poetry Jeopardy! (competition on poetry to help you review for the midterm)

Week 8

Jul. 24

Midterm (Tuesday, July 24, 2007 in our usual room during regular class hours: BRK 314, 12-2 p.m.; there will be two parts: Part I (35 points) has two essays on material we have studied, pages 1-49, covering literary terms from the beginning to symbols; Part II (15 points) consists of short answers on an unseen poem; read through the exam and pace yourself well)

Jul. 26

(Midterm Week July 23-27, 2007)

Week 9

Jul. 31

No Class (Asalhapuja Observed)

Aug. 2

Unit 4


Discussion: paradox

Student-Led Discussion 22: Sirikul (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 23: Pimwalan (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 24: Suebsakoon (poem discussion)


Poetry Conference session proposals due (session proposal form, Word doc; call for papers)

Final Paper consultation sign-up (sign-up schedule, Word doc)

Week 10

Aug. 7

No Class (Universiade Bangkok 2007 Opening Ceremony)

Aug. 9

Unit 4


Discussion: irony

Week 11

Aug. 14

Unit 5  Sound and Meaning


Discussion: rhyme, meter, scansion, formal pattern

Student-Led Discussion 25: Pimwalan (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 26: Aphaporn (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 27: Sirikul (poem discussion)


Writing Workshop Sheet (Word file)

Aug. 16

Unit 5

Unit 6  Types of Poetry

Discussion: types and forms of poetry, sonnet

Student-Led Discussion 28: Narasak (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 29: Suebsakoon (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 30: Pimwalan (poem discussion)


Discussion of Assignment 2


Assignment 3 given


Return the commented essay and completed writing workshop sheet to your friend

Week 12

Aug. 21

Unit 6  


Discussion: sonnet

Aug. 23

Unit 6  


Discussion: ballad

  • Ballad (folk and literary ballad definitions from The Columbia Encyclopedia on Bartleby)

  • Ballad (description of the folk and literary ballad)

  • Ballad

Student-Led Discussion 31: Jirawut (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 32: Suluck (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 33: Suwida (poem discussion)


Assignment 3 due beginning of class

Week 13

Aug. 28

Unit 7  Paraphrase

Unit 8  Theme: Life


Discussion: theme, the interpretation of poetry

Student-Led Discussion 34: Suwida (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 35: Amarat (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 36: Amarat (poem discussion)

Aug. 30

Unit 8  Theme: Life


Discussion: theme, the interpretation of poetry

Student-Led Discussion 37: Aunchidtha (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 38: Atipong (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 39: Atipong (poem discussion)

Week 14

Sep. 4

Unit 8 Theme: Men and Women


Discussion: theme, the interpretation of poetry

Student-Led Discussion 40: Isariya (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 41: Aunchidtha (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 42: Isariya (poem discussion)


Assignment 4 given

Sep. 6

Unit 8 Theme: Men and Women


Discussion: theme, the interpretation of poetry

Student-Led Discussion 43: Atipong (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 44: Isariya (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 45: Alisa (poem discussion)

Week 15

Sep. 11

Unit 8 Theme: Men and Women


Discussion: theme, the interpretation of poetry

  • Professor Mark Canada of UNC-Pembroke, in his discussion questions for this poem in week 10 of his Introduction to Literature class, makes the observation that Stallworthy is alluding to Milton's Sonnet 19 in the final two lines of the poem.  What do you think?

Student-Led Discussion 46: Alisa (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 47: Alisa (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 48: Aphaporn (poem discussion)


Assignment 4 due beginning of class

Sep. 13


Student-Led Discussion 49: Esther (I Found Poetry) 
Student-Led Discussion 50: Jirawut (background material) 
Student-Led Discussion 51: Sommanutsa (poem discussion)


Poetry Conference: The Adventure of Poetry

Roundtable Discussion led by Asst. Prof. Charturee Tingsabadh

Student Media Presentations


Final paper due, 7-10 pages (see some sample papers and writing guidelines below)

Week 16

Sep. 18

Poetry Conference: The Adventure of Poetry

Student Poetry Readings:

1. “Are Roses Red,” Alisa Lertpratchya
2. “Bad Time for Best Time” and “My Loved One,” Narasak Sirikanjanawong
3. “The Journey Under the Scorching Sun,” Isariya Jutimasakulboworn
4. “Monster” and “Marry to a Misery,” Aphaporn Julkananukij
5. “Murder in a Bus,” Sommanassa Ngernsaard
6. “Burn me up,” Aunchidtha Suwanyingyong
7. “Laugh for Cry,” Suebskul Longwetch
8. “Undecided,” Suwida Boonyatistarn
9. “Do You Believe in Destiny” and “My heart is small,” Sirikul Sawatdeenarunart
10. “I look at the dark sky,” Esther Suksamitti
11. “My View,” Pimwalan Sripech
12. “Impermanency,” Jirawut Kitkarul
13. “Waking to Death,” Amarat Chaipaiboonwong
14. “On the Quest for Happiness,” Atipong Amornwongpeeti
15. “Why Is the World so Rushing?,” Suluck Lamubol



1: The Adventure of Sound: James Fenton’s “Blood and Lead” 
A Journey with Death to Nowhere: Imagery in Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for death

Sep. 20

Poetry Conference: The Adventure of Poetry

3: What If You Were a Mother?: Anne Stevenson’s “Poem for a Daughter”

4: Outshining Negativity: Valerie Bloom’s Personification in “Two Seasons”


Sep. 25

Final Exam 1-3 p.m., BRK 404



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