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These are my favorite LINKs. Please, try them all...
Plus !!! The Death of my Doggies Tucchido & Tulip
My organizations Links :

MAPs of Bangkok
includes Tourist map, Expressway, Tollway, River Boat, etc.

NASA MARS Exploration Mission 2001
Send you name to MARS

New !! BlueMountain cards
There are cool 3D and Animated w/ MIDI sound cards available for you!!!

Dinosaur movie - Walt Disney

Thai Astronomical Society
Explore  the unlimited universe!

The World Science Society
Member of the World Science group [Yahoogroups]

Discovery Channel

Thailand Tales
Forum and articles on Thai for anyones who want to know Thais.

Thai People Sorted by Last Name
If you want to know more about Thai people around the world...Brought to you by:Songwut Apirakkhit

Theme Parks
URL Link to various sites of Theme Parks / Amusement Parks and World Expositions. I love this one !!

NEW !!! That 's what friends are forever friends

My temporary homepage ... only among friends

My Triam Udom 43 or Triam Udom 43 My class (813)

New!! My architecture friends ; Snym Noi - Kloy Jai and our new home

My Science-Po friends (2003)

My life photo album, Flickr! Photos album 1 , album 2 (Surin isl, NZ) , album 3 (Ayudhaya) , album 4 (Sapporo) , Me in Europe (Science-Po, Asia-Europe Study),album5 (Fulbright fellowship at GCI, Chicago) , album6 (UK-Scotland) , album7(Chicago,Siem Reap), and album 8 (Aichi expo2005, UK trip). Being @ETHZ-AIT2005 Workshop,the judge at LAMAN06 trip,

My photography pages : Blog, Blogspot, Multiply, / My activities Multiply. And Arch 72 yr anniversary La-concert Krobdeksangbaan

Blogs : Visit photography blogs [here]and [Multiply]/[My activities Multiply]

Tank-shark Temporary Homepage

Tank-shark is a group of "Young Urban Professional Lecturers (YUPLY)" in Chulalongkorn University. This site always displays the group activities photographs. 

Department of Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture Dept, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn Univerisity is where I've been working for. I do maintain our department's homepage too.... 

Students in Landscape Architecture (3-D CAD / Design Studio Projects)
It's my students' Homepage Linking... They had been working very hard on their 3-D CAD as for final project in "Computer for Landscape Projects". You can view them name-by-name here. There are up to 30+ of them. 

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