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Articles on the topic of ... Sorry, Thai language only  :(

  1. New!! Landscape Urbanism : Blurring the line Symposium in Singapore Feb 10,2007. Paper Entitled: Newbies and Their Landscape Architecture Career Paths : The Situation in Thailand. "
  2. Article entitled : Memorial Park : the Commemorative Landscape for Arch CU Academic journal 2/2549
  3. article entitled Megaprojects : The politics of Public Policy for Sarasatr #10 at Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University (Oct 26-27, 2006)
  4. New!! article entitled Fairs, Festival and Events : Intangible Cultural Landscape for Livable City
  5. Managing Publicly owned Urban Vacant Land (The 42nd IFLA World Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005) More infomation on my paper [event web]
  6. Paper for City Futures International Conference (July8-10,2004) see official website, personal photos album, and read my paper
  7. On-line Courses at Moodle ; Comp for Landscape Projects, LA Prof Practice, LA Con IV
  8. Managing Public streets (for Sarasatre #6, Dec2002) Managing Public Street in Bangkok [In Thai, PDF for Sarasatre #6]
  9. Web-based Instruction - Landscape Architecture : Case study library Series I  (requires Flash Plug-in)
  10. Urban Landscape Management - สำหรับการสัมมนาทางสถาปัตยกรรม/ Large Scaled Urban Landscape Management - For Landscape Annual seminar
  11. Multivariate Analysis for Urban Landscape Planning [in Thai, PDF, Slide Presentation Multivariate Analysis in Urban Landscape Planning
  12. Waterfront development [ASA Magazine March-April 1995] Thai language
  13. Managing under-utilized urban space ; Case studies from Paris
  14. Edutainment Landscape
  16. AVENUEs
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Photo album / portfolio
These are some examples of works done by me.

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Overall Perspective
From Entrance to Living room
From Bed room

Q.Suriyothai Memorial Park (Water Management Program)

Q.Suriyothai Memorial Park STAMP

Dept. of Legal Execution's court & landscape.
The original one!
Now the design of the fence has been duplicated and modified for NCCC's (with my permission)
and also at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University and another school in Bangkapi District (without my acknowledgement).Hm..m.. That's fine ;)
I got an apologize letter (March 2005)

Buddhism Center Project - The unbuilt work!!

Article on the topic of ...

"Non-handicapped Planning for Disabled persons and Elderly"
at TALA (Thai Association of Landscape Architects)

Photography - My photography pages : Bloggang, Arch 72 yr anniversary La-concert Krobdeksangbaan


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