Presentation slides for The First Asian ISI Satellite Meeting on Small Area Estimation (SAE), Bangkok, Thailand 

September 1-4, 2013


SAE of Poverty and Malnutrition in Asia

Organizer and Chair: Steve Haslett, Massey University, New Zealand

1.  1.     Siemon Hollema - WFP Regional Bureau for Asia

Title of Talk: Making use of national household surveys for food security programming and targeting

2.  2.     Michael Epprecht - University of Berne, Switzerland

Title of Talk :Targeting poverty in the Lao PDR: how well do current approaches reach the poor?

     3.     Tomoki Fujii - School of Economics, Singapore Management University

 Title of Talk:  Micro-level Estimation of Child Undernutrition Indicators in Cambodia


Small Area Inference from Agricultural Survey Data

Organizer : Hukum Chandra, Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI), India

1.     Emily Berg, Iowa State University, USA

Title of Talk: Prediction of County Level Cash Rental Rates

2.     Alessandra Petrucci, University of Florence, Italy

Title of Talk: Small Area Estimation for Skewed Georeferenced Data

3.     Hukum Chandra, Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, India

Title of Talk: Nonstationary Fay-Herriot Models for Small Area Estimation


Small area Estimation of Poverty

Organizer and Chair: Isabel Molina, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain


1.     J.N.K. Rao, Carleton University, Canada

Title of Talk: Model-based estimation of poverty indicators for small areas: overview

2.     Chris Elbers, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands

Title of Talk: Using normal mixtures in poverty mapping

Discussant: Nikos Tzavidis, University of Southampton, UK

Recent Advances in Small Area Estimation

Organizer and Chair: Sanjay Chaudhuri, National University of Singapore

1.     Malay Ghosh, University of Florida, USA

Title of Talk : Empirical Bayes Small Area Estimation under Multiplicative Models

2.     Michael Elliott, University of Michigan, USA \

Title of Talk : Effect of extreme design weights on small area estimates

3.     Sanjay Chaudhuri, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Title of Talk: Empirical Likelihood for Unit Level Small Area Estimation

Resampling Methods in Small Area Estimation

Organizer and Chair : Jiraphan Suntornchost, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

1.    Peter Hall, University of Melbourne, Australia

Topic of the Talk :Nonparametric Estimation of Mean-Squared Prediction Error in Nested-Error Regression Models

2.    Partha Lahiri, University of Maryland, USA

Topic of the Talk : Parametric Bootstrap Methods in Small Area Estimation Problems

Discussant:Jiming Jiang, University of California, USA

Spatial smoothing and prediction in Small Area Estimation

Organizer and Chairman: Alan Welsh, Australian National University

1.    Thomas Lumley, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Title of Talk: Bayesian spatial smoothing for prevalence data from complex samples.

2.    Steven Roberts, The Australian National University, Australia

Title of Talk :Small area estimation with spatial structure

3.    Alan Welsh, Australian National University, Australia

Title of Talk :The prediction of random effects in hurdle models

Discussant: Walter Davis, University of Wollongong, Australia

Special Topics talks:

Section title:  SAE Using Time Series and/or Spatial Models

Oksana BollineniBalabay   - Treating Structural Level and  Variance Breaks in a State-Space Setting: the Case of Dutch Road Transportation Survey

Tatjana von Rosen   - Mixed Linear Model with Pattern  Covariance Structures in Small Area Estimation

Timo Schmid   - Full-Bias Correction of Spatial Robust Small Area Estimators

Mahmoud Torabi   - Spatial-Temporal Zero-Inflated Modeling for Small Area Rare Events

Section title: Hierarchical Bayesian Methods in SAE

John Bryant   - Bayesian Hierarchical Models for  Demographic Small Area Estimation

Junni L. Zhang   - Bayesian Estimation of Small Area Causal Effects with Application to the UK Labor Force Survey Data

Fernando A.S. Moura   - Robust Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis Applied to Small Area Estimation

Susanna Cramb   - Estimating Cancer Survival in Small Area: Possible and Useful

Section title: Poverty mapping and Area Level Models with Auxiliary Variables Subject to Measurement Errors

Sumonkanti Das   - Selection of Small Area Estimation Method for Poverty Mapping: a Conceptual Framework

Carolina Franco   - Applying Bivariate Binomial - Logit Normal Models For Small Area Estimation

Roy van der Weide   - Small Area Estimation of Poverty Using the Empirical Best Method with Non-Normal Errors

Trijya Singh   - Efficient Small Area Estimation in the Presence of Measurement Error in Covariates

Section title:  Empirical Best Prediction Methods in SAE

Thuan Nguyen   - Small Area Estimation via Heteroscedastic Nested-Error Regression

Sanghamitra Pal   - Small Area Estimation of Proportions of  Arsenic Affected Wells in Bangladesh

Marc Smeets   - Implementation of Small Area Estimation to the Dutch Structural Bussiness Survey

Dietrich  von Rosen   - Explicit Estimators in Unbalanced Mixed Linear Models with Applications to SAE

Section title:  SAE Applications

Jan van den Brakel- Small Area  Estimation to Quality Discontinuities in Sample Survey

Bac Tran   - The Use of Small Area Estimation for the Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll

Andreas Berg   - First Steps of the Federal Statistical Office in  Germany Working with Small Area Methods: an Attempt to provide more Reliable Results for Publishing   Data in Smaller Subgroups with Application to Labor Force Data in Northrrhine-Westphalia

Angela Luna   - On Models for Small Area Compositions

Section title: Split Questionnaire design, growth Model and indirect Sampling in SAE

Saeideh Kamgar   - Increasing Survey Statistics Precision Using Questionnaire Design: an Application of Small Area Estimation

Maciej Beresewicz   - On Indirect Sampling and Small Area Estimation

Innocent  Ngaruye   - Small Area Estimation under the Growth Curve Model

Section title: Issues Related to Benchmarking and Robustness in SAE

Snigdhansu  Chatterjee   - The Extended Fay-Herriot Model: A nonparametric Small Area Framework

Payam  Mokhtarian   - An Outlier Robust Small Area Predictor for  Count and Binary Data

Marcin  Szymkowicz   - Calibration and Small Area Estimation Methods in the Polish National Census of Population and Housing  2011-First Results

Rebecca C. Steorts   - Small Areas, Benchmarking and Political Battles:Today’s Novel Demands in Small Area Estimation

Section title:    Different Inferential Issues in Area Level Models

Jan Pablo Burgard   - Variance Reduction Methods for Parametric Bootstrap MSE-Estimation

Masayo Yoshimori   - Numerical Comparison between Different Prediction Intervals

Denise B.N. Silva   - Small Domain Estimation for a Brazilian Service Sector Survey

Jiraphan Suntornchost

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,

Faculty of Science,

Chulalongkorn University,